Big Brothers Big Sisters

Food, Water, Clothes, galore Big Brothers Big Sisters Brings You More

  Big Brothers Big Sisters

By:Kaitlin D - Liberty Oaks

Martin Luther King Jr. posed one of Life’s most persistent and urgent question “What are you doing for others?”

When you think about it, some people see other people in need of food,water,shelter,clothes yet they just go on with their lives. That is where I believe someone should step in and be proof that you can make a difference and that is what Big Brothers Big Sisters do!

Robert Burns Award

The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization is a perfect candidate for the Robert Burns Award. The Robert Burns award recognizes an organization with the display of, tireless efforts,to save or improve lives,and last but not least show acts of kindness. I think Big Brothers Big Sisters should get this award because they are an organization, that watches over kids for hours and hours never stopping (Tireless efforts),taking in kids who are in need of help (Saving Lives), and Big Brothers Big Sisters gives up their time and money to improve or enrich the lives of others (Kindness).


Big Brothers Big Sisters was originally two organizations called “Ladies of Charity” and “Earnest Coulter”. Ladies for Charity was a girls only club. Earnest Coulter was a boys only club. The two organizations joined together in 1977. They help all the kids who need help! Ever since they have been together making kids lives better. In 1977 Big Brothers Big Sisters is started in only 26 cities and expanded into 48 cities throughout the globe!!



Big Brothers Big Sisters provides food,water, and shelter for their kids! They have volunteers come in and work with the kids every month. They choose something they want to improve on and they set a goal. For instance, once they wanted to have all kids to be able to read by the end of November. Big Brothers Big Sisters goal is to having their kids be independent. They do it by promoting no drugs,friendship,school work and being apart of a family!!!! For example, there was a boy named James White, he was taken in by Big Brothers Big Sisters. He had NO home, he had no idea who he was or what he wanted to be. Big Brothers Big Sisters stepped in, they educated him, they nurtured him. Now he is a High School teacher. He teaches kids what Big Brothers Big Sisters taught him.

Not Just Kids

Big Brothers Big Sisters does not just stop at helping kids they go outside the box and try to help parents. Big Brothers Big Sisters has a kids program and an adult program. Big Brothers Big Sisters said “If we want kids to have good health and education than their parents need to have good health and education. So we give lessons to parents and about to be parents so they can give their kids what they need.”

Taking a step back

Big Brothers Big Sisters isn't the kind of organization that tells the kids what to do or being right next to them when the walk. But they also are not the kind that just sits and does nothing watching the kids and adults mess up. They are an in between organization. They believe you should not be too close to kids but you should not be just watch them fall without lifting them back up. Big Brothers Big Sisters helps at the beginning of their life and takes a step back gradually as they get older, and then eventually they let go. They do this so the kids know how to take care of themselves in the real world.



Big Brothers Big Sisters is very caring because they help kids when they are sick and take care of them when they are hurt. Big Brothers Big Sisters takes time to teach the children different lessons about life. The organization tries to build independence so they let the kids complete the activities on their own and just provide guidance.


Big Brothers Big Sisters is inspirational. The help kids learn differently by doing activities that are fun but turn out to have a very valuable lesson hidden inside that the kids pick out. They used to do boring old sit in a classroom with a teacher until someone had an idea to go on adventures. That day they saw the grades and results were much higher. Ever since they go on adventures instead of being in a classroom all day. This way of teaching inspires the kids who are at Big Brothers Big Sisters.


In conclusion, Big Brothers Big Sisters should win the Robert Burns award. Big Brothers Big Sisters tirelessly gives to help mankind, shows acts of kindness, and even saves lives.

Food,Water,Clothes Galore Big Brothers Big Sisters Brings You More!!!!

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