Mangaka (漫画家)

By Jasmine Simmons

A Mangaka's Education

There is no real degree or education needed to become a mangaka. Becoming a mangaka is made up of honing your own skills and getting your work out into the world.  Some students form apprenticeships with mangakas to study and learn from them while others go to art schools or freelance. It all depends on the choice and lifestyle of the upcoming mangaka.

Job Description & Tools

A mangaka's job is to create interesting and entertaining comics and manga for readers to enjoy. Some jobs that go into creating manga include writing(optional), sketching, story boarding, illustrating, painting, modeling, etc. A mangaka is only as great as their staff. A mangaka's staffs includes editors, writers(optional), and assistants. Tools used include pens, pencils, charcoals, computer editing, paints, etc. Special pens include nib pens, dip pens, or fountain pens and ink.


A mangakas salary depends on many things. For example, are they serialized or not, is their series popular, how many copies do they sell, etc. Here a rough estimation.

Japan: A not well-known manga artist gets paid around $35, 000.

US: On average, an average comic artist is paid $36,000 annually.

UK: On average, a comic artist is paid $35,500 annually.

Manga Companies & Businesses

Some companies that would hire a manga artist would be VIZ Media, Dark Horse Comics, Gakken, Shonen Jump, and many more.

Masashi Kishimoto

Masahi Kishimoto is a well-known manga artist. His most popular work is Naruto. Naruto is known worldwide is was even turned into an anime. Kishimoto was born November 8, 1974 in Japan. He debuted as a manga artist with his first work, Karakuri. Since then, he has won awards and is known as a top mangaka.

Tite Kubo

Tite Kubo was born June 26, 1977 with the name Noriaki Kubo. He first started making manga in weekly manga magazines and became famous that way. His first major manga Zombiepowder, became serialized after many rejections. Eventually, he created the manga Bleach, which is also a well-known manga around the world. This manga also was turned into an anime and Tite Kubo is also a top mangaka.

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