Inventions if the Industrial Revalution


Telephone 1876

                                                       Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell suggested the idea of a telephone to his assistant, Thomas Watson. Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone.Bell started to experiment with ways to transmit sound via an electrical current.

Typewriter 1873

                                                                   Christopher Sholes   

Christopher Sholes develops typewriter and sells it to Remington and Sons. Christopher Sholes created the first typewriter in 1873.

Phonograph 1877

                                                                         Thomas Edison

Edison first achieved international fame in 1877 with the invention of the phonograph.1877 with the invention of the phonograph and the lightbulb.

Light bulb 1882

                                                                       Lewis Latimer

Lewis Latimer invents the carbonīŦ lament for lightbulbs, allowing them to last much longer. Lexis Latimer invented the first lightbulb.

gasoline-powered automobile 1893

                                                                 Charles and Frank Duryea

Charles and Frank Duryea invent gasoline-powered automobile in 1893.

Helicopter 1939

                                                                         Igor Sikorsky

First to incorporate a single main rotor and tail rotor design.

Handheld camera 1888

                                                                          George Eastman

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