The Koryo Dynasty (Korea)

     This dynasty of Korea would later be the origin of it's current name, and would last until 1392 AD.  This dynasty had Chinese influences but still kept a mainly Korean culture. One Koryo ruler declared, “We have always had a deep adoration for Tang-style culture . . . But our country is a separate land, and our people’s character is different". But just like the Chinese, the Koryo created a civil service examination system but only nobles could take the test, and government positions were inherited.

     But in the 1200s the Mongols of Yuan China invaded Korea. They forced Koryo’s rulers to pay several tributes and enslaved many of the Koreans. They took artisans to China, and forced men to serve in the Yuan military. When the Yuan dynasty weakened, many of the Koreans rebelled. So in 1392, a Korean general founded a new dynasty in Korea and this would last until 1910.

  • Above is a small map of the Koryo Empire surrounded by the Mongols, Jin, and Song dynasties.

Declan N. (Period 7)