Developing Leaders on the job

There are many ways to help leaders stretch themselves and develop themselves as part of their job. Here are some suggestions:

  • Handle a negotiation.
  • Work on a cross-functional project team.
  • Resolve a conflict.
  • Interview candidates
  • Mentor /coach a new employee
  • Run an internal meeting.
  • Train others.
  • Attend an external meeting for their
  • Try another job/task.
  • Shadow a colleague.
  • Lead a cost-cutting initiative
  • Lead an investigation.
  • E-learning.
  • Implement a change.
  • Reading books/articles.
  • Organise a high profile event.
  • Discussion and sharing with peers.

Ok, now how do we transform these activities into measurable results?

· Agreeing with the leader before the activity what the objectives are

· Previewing the activity with them beforehand, encouraging them to think through: how they are going to approach the activity? any challenges they foresee? how they're going to prepare for them?

· Reviewing the activity afterwards: how did it go? what did they learn? what worked well and they would do again? what would they do differently next time?

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