March On Washington

Why they didn't turn back.

The marchers thought very strongly about how they should have the same laws and rights as Caucasian people, so the marchers thought "Why don't we stand up for what we think!" and that is what they did.

Why the segregation law was made.

The segregation law was made because Caucasians thought that they still needed power over African Americans since slavery was ended.

The motivation of the marchers.

The motivation for marchers was they wanted equal rights and they thought that they  should get the same "luxuries" as Caucasians like well payed jobs, good schools, and the same bathrooms and water fountains.

How the March On Washington affected the civil rights movement.

The March On Washington affected the civil rights movement by giving the government the last impression about why segregation should be illegal. Also it affected President John F. Kennedy because at first he didn't wan't the march to happen but then when he realized that he couldn't stop the march he joined the march and signed the bill of rights.

Martin Luther King Jr. Quote

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed, we hold these truths to be self evident that men are created equal"  This quote's meaning is that he believes that all men are created equally and that he hopes the nation will put an end to segregation and realize that it is not right.

Fact and Opinions

Fact: African Americans were treated unfairly. This is a fact because we can retrace all the years when segregation was legal and see how unfairly people treated them and it stated what they could and couldn't do on the bill of rights.  

Opinion: " I think it isn't fair that just because I'm an African American I should be separated from Caucasian people and have different rights than them".This quote was from a social welfare flyer in 1963. This was an opinion from an African American in 1963 and it is an opinion because it says "I think". Also I agree with this opinion because all men were created equal so they should be able to do the same things as each other no matter their race.

A word to describe the March On Washington

I chose the word Peaceful to describe the March On Washington because there was almost no violence and no one was being rude by how they were protesting. Also I chose peaceful because the March On Washington was more of a walk for freedom to raise awareness of the segregation problems.

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