These are some new tools we will start having our 11th grade students use. This will really allow them to be connected to what they are learning as well as there fellow peers. We feel the use of technology is becoming extremely valuable in todays society. Integrating these tools into our classrooms will prepare our students even more for college and potential jobs.


Symbaloo is simple start page that allows you to store and share all of your favorite bookmarks and resources visually. This app can be seen as an online cork board for all your favorite bookmarks. Teachers are able to organize websites, Google Docs, videos, lesson plans, and more then share pages with students, parents, and other teachers to keep lessons and internet use on-topic, educational, and easy for everyone!


This site is great for quick research, giving the students an instant wall to post on and allowing all students to see sources and sites used for research on the project at hand. It allows all the students to be connected outside the classroom.

Top Hat:

Top Hat is a teacher to student app that allows me to post an in-class question and the students with the app to submit answers, in order to take attendance and have daily grades. I will be asking questions that will allow me to know if they are actually in attendance due to the answer they choose.

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