Sensor Lights

Our plan:

To install sensor lights in place of ordinary lights, and save electricity, energy, and money in schools.

What would be changed and why? Details about our plan:

~We will replace all of our light switches for sensor switch plates (because with the old switch plates you needed to manually use a lever to turn the light on/off)

~ The sensor switch plates have sensors that detect motion and heat; this way they know that they need to turn on

~ If there is no motion for a certain amount of time (when installing, you can program when) then it will turn off the lights

~We would need the electrical plans, to make sure the electrician can find all the switches, and turn off the fuse box when installing/repairing

~ We would need to count the number of light switches that need to be replaced to come up with an estimate of the cost

~ If someone forgets to turn the light off when they leave, it will do so automatically, until someone returns


Who would implement and maintain our sensor lights:

~Electricians Of Dallas  company will be hired to replace OR fix sensor lights

~ A monthly check up (Are there any problems?)    

~ Maintenance crew will be installing the sensors

~ Wire replacement

~Screw replacement (Are any of the screws lost?)

Approval will be needed to hire an electrician, but an adult will need to do that

Watch these videos to learn how they will install:

But, if an electrician will be needed, then the average cost to install the motion sensor light switch will be an average of $244 per switch.

What would be the cost to implement vs. Savings it would allow:

~ Costs $20-50 per sensor (To actually buy the sensor)

~ Maintenance crew may install, using the video above

~ It would allow $1,317 savings per 100 light fixtures

Fundraisers: In order to pay for our plan, we will be having fundraisers. Students may be asked what they would be willing to buy-

~Pajama days

~ School dances

~ Have performances, and have the audience buy tickets to watch

~ Have people pay to guess how many items in a jar, winner gets a reward

~Sport competition (participation fee), winner gets a prize



Also... is also a way to pay for the sensor lights. We post that CMSW is trying to save electricity (in science), and people may donate

Why is this beneficial:

~ If somebody forgot to turn off the light, then the sensor automatically turns them off

~ If people are only in one part of the school or classroom, then all other lights will be turned off ( Except for that specific area)

~ Reduces the amount of electricity used in one day


~Saves electricity

~Saves money

~There is no problem of somebody forgetting to turn a light off

~ Light is shone when and where necessary only

~The sensor turns light on by itself, so there is no problem of having hands full, and no problem of having the switch far away

~ There is a switch on the sensor light, so you can manually turn on/off the light


~If the sensor malfunctions, it may turn on/off when not wanted to.

~Costs to install and buy

~ Cost to fix

Why we are choosing sensors:

We decided to use motion sensor lights because we noticed that ordinary lights take up lots of electricity. This also means greater electrical bills. Sensor lights save electricity by only turning on when needed (or when there is motion in the room). Also you do not need to turn off the lights- it is shut off automatically. This way, electricity and money is saved.


Sensor lights save money, as well as electricity

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