Lunch Counter Sit Ins

By: Greta N

"We must learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish as fools," -Martin Luther King Jr.

For those who do not understand, this quote means that if we don't learn to be together, to work together as family, we will end up failing and looking really bad later.

Questions and answers about the sit-ins:

How long did it take for the sit-ins to spread, and how many people were there?

The first day, it was only the 4. By the second day, 25 people were participating. By the third day, it was about 60 students, 1/3 of them female. "By August 1, 1961, over 70,000 people had participated," says Greensboro Chronology.

Why would people still participate or care to go to the restaurants if they knew they were going to get punished?

Well, first they were determined to end restaurant segregation. This was a peaceful movement, so the men meant no harm. Second, they didn't care whether they were sent to jail because they thought of it as an honor to go to jail for standing up for what they believed, knowing they had stood out.

Where did the first sit in take place, and who participated in it?

Four black college men participated in the very first sit in ever, at Woolworth's in Greensboro, North Carolina. Their names were David Richmond, Ezell Blair Jr, Franklin McCain, and Joseph McNeil. The date was February 1, 1960.

How did this event impact the civil rights movement?

It helped the SNCC committee (student nonviolent coordinating committee) move forward even more. It also served as the leading force in the civil rights movement, and it also lead the to the organizing of the "freedom rides" and the March on Washington in 1963.

Fact and Opinion:

Fact: One fact from my research is "The Greensboro four spurred into action by the brutal murder in 1955 of Emmett Till, who had allegedly whistled at a white woman in a Mississippi store," History writes. I know that this is a fact because there are real dates, real names, and if I were to look it up, I would find information on it.

Opinion: Segregation is dumb is a strong opinion. I think that because some people, usually whites, strongly believed in segregation, while other people thought it was the most pathetic thing in the world! I know it's an opinion because different people have different thoughts about it.

One "vocab" word to describe the sit-ins:

Harmless. I think that harmless really describes the movement because the people didn't mean any harm. They just wanted to sit at the counter to prove that there is no problem with black people sitting at lunch counters, because it was a total peaceful and harmless movement.


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