Carly's life


Carly with eyes the color of the ocean, Carly of hair the color of a black feather, Carly whose parents never have time for her anymore since the new baby arrived,is a girl who wishes she could just disappear,she walks along school with no friends except for the little mouse in the bathroom she calls Shadow, lives in a big house but in a small room while her baby brother Charles sleeps in his big comfy bed that used to be hers,forces herself to wake up each morning to get the same kind of treatment as usual,every night she screams and yells in her pillow and cry's herself to sleep.

Carly a 17 year old girl with a 8 month old brother who runs her life, she rushes off to school on her old bike cause her parents spent all their money on "cute baby clothes for the baby",she stands in the middle of the hallway with a thousand vicious eyes on her, she eats lunch in a cold bathroom where she has to give most of her food to her friend shadow so he doesn't run away or die ,running down the narrow hallway to get to her next class before anyone makes fun of the way she looks,all she thinks in class is not of her work but whether she will survive the day or whether she wants to live another day.

Carly inside of her protective bubble while her parent cherish her little brother,
finally shes had it,
she runs and runs and doesn't stop until shes finally somewhere far away from her abusive,non loving/caring parents,
Carly is a girl who is tired of being looked over and forgotten.
so she keeps running until she gets a phone call,she looks and its from her mother.
she answers but all she hears is baby talk she tries to speak but noone answers, she hanges up and keeps running, running until shes in the middle of the woods , and her worries were not if she was gonna be able to get out of the woods but whether or not she wanted to get out of the woods.

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