Final Solution

The Concentration Camp Life of the Jews

The Holocaust, beginning in 1933 and ending in 1945, resulted in over 6 million jews killed and over 11 million deaths in total. From the Jews' point of view, the Holocaust was one of the worst tragedies to ever occur. The daily lineup that took place every morning after wakeup and each evening after returning from labor, was one of the most horrific aspects of the prisoners’ lives in the camps. Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany were very cruel and treated the jewish population as property, not human beings. The jews' lives were impacted significantly by this inhumane tragedy and will always be remembered in the future.

This picture represents the cross of extermination of the Holocaust. This image is very significant because it displays this memorable tragedy as a pastime that was very harsh to think about and remember.

This picture is showing the Auschwitz concentration camp where the jews were gassed and killed. It is significant because in the image, there is barbed wire which encloses and surrounds the camp so no one can escape. The image is dark to represent that the lives of the jews were horrific and dark.

This video that I decided to choose shows the life of the jews as their long journey continues through the Holocaust. It explains what their life was like and how they lived through this tough time.

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