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The U. S. A produce more greenhouse gases than any other country. The United States has tried to slow climate change more than half of the U.S has made laws to include promoting new fuels made from things vegetables and passed laws to not waste energy. The government is also making rules that should help the U.S from not using coal. A national plan could send a strong message to the world that the U.S takes climate change seriously. It's better to wait for greenhouse gases because it is expensive right now and soon will be cheaper. It's like iPhones the same type of improvement will happen to greenhouse gases, soon it will make fixing climate changes cheaper. The U.S is trying to cut greenhouse gases by themselves and it's harder to reach an agreement with China and India. Those countries will ask for cuts from the U.S, they won't cut their own greenhouse gases.

You can use solar energy which will not have bills if you have solar energy and will be good to the world. In years electricity rates have raised and soon will cause global warming from power grids. There is a long term on solar power that is quite significant. The declining costs of equipment will make right now is a great time to invest in solar energy. Using solar energy will reduce fossil fuels. You can expect 250,000 pounds of CO2 and equivalent to planting 21,700 trees.

I think solar energy is great for the world because it lets us use the sun’s rays and the wind for our power instead of using coal. It’s good for people because it’s less money.

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