self image poem

self image poem
I used to be very impaitent,
not even able to wait 10 minutes
but now I have patience,
and wait for stuff.
I used to be worried about things that happened around me,
I felt like everything was my buissness.
But now I don't care what happens aroung me,
I no longer feel like its all my buisness.
I used to get distracted by things aroung me,
I thought about things that had happened.
But now I don't worry about these things,
now I am more focused
I used to be affected by things that happened to others,
If something bad happened to someone else I would worry.
but now I don't worry about other people's live,
I am cold.
I used to want to do many things,
I had goals to work twords.
but now I'd rather not,
I am losing motivation.

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