8 Habits Portfolio

By: Clay Craddock Inspired By: Steven Covey

This portfolio is meant to make all people aware of the 7 habits and how they can affect your life.

What is a habit? What are the 8 habits?

A habit is a thing you do naturally or without thinking. The 8 habits are a set of habits that we should ALL use naturally.

Habit #1 Be Proactive

Habit #2 Begin with the end in mind

Habit #3 Put 1st Things 1st

Habit #4 Think win win

Habit #5 Seek first to understand then to be understood

Habit #6 Synergize

Habit #7 Sharpen the saw

I think all the habits are really good ideas! There's not one habit that I would change. If there could be more than 7 I might add a few like take care of yourself, or Put people before you. Other than that the habits are really good!

Habit #1 Be Proactive

Being proactive means that your a good planner your flexible etc.... If your going on a road trip the proactive thing to do would be to plan ahead everything your going to do.

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