Samuel de Champlain

Dear Henri IV, Admirable King of France,

My name is Samuel de Champlain, and I would love nothing more than to collaborate with you. For just a few million dollars, I can give you jewels, gold, furs, and this ravishing crown showed in the picture below.  France will be the richest country in the Eastern Hemisphere!  I plan to take my voyage in the northeastern area of North America.  If you approve, I  was planning to name the area Quebec.  It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?  Now I shall get back on track.  All that I will need is 50 of your finest men,  20 large barrels of liquor,54,750 hardtacks, and a very large, wooden ship.  I would like to begin the exploration in 1615.  It should, potentially take about 1 year, if my calculations are correct, which they hardly ever are.  We do have two competing countries scouring the area, England and Spain.  They are worthy competitors, but as far as I know, they are exploring completely different parts of North America!  I am not the sort of person to fully block out the potential obstacles that I could encounter, so I am just going to go right out and say them.  My crew and I would deal with there being poor maps and navigational tools by, getting maps made that are 100% accurate, and using compasses.  Starvation would not be a problem because I have worked it out that each sailor will have 3 hardtacks a day, and the right amount of liquor a man should need.  I will personally hire the best doctor to come onto the ship if the case were to occur that a man should get a disease.  If we are to see any signs of Indians, or what not, we shall grant them a cozy area of land south of our exploration. I know that I am a worthy man to lead this exploration, and I will bring you, and France great fortune. 


Samuel de Champlain, True citizen of France

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3 years ago

I really like the letter-type forum of this!