Traveling To Medieval
by: Ashley Rhoades

"My time machine works, I just need a test dummy!" Says the mad scientist, Caitlyn she points her long crooked finger at me and screams "You! You will be my test dummy!" "Where will I be sent?" I ask nervously I hope it's not the Jurassic period I don't want to be a meal. "Somewhere in the 5th to 15th AD era." She snaps but then says with worried in her voice "But I don't know if there will be a way back." She walks away before I can ask whats in that era. I go home and research about the 5th to 15th AD era. I find out it's the Medieval time era, that's better than Jurassic at least if I am trapped there I will have fun. Besides I have always loved the Medieval era, I am actually excited to go and being stuck there might be alright. I arrive at the lab the next day Caitlyn and the others wish me good luck. "There is a possible percentage you won't be able to return." Caitlyn pauses then sighs "If we are not there in a week to get you then you are stuck there forever." She starts up the machine with a worried look and sends me off. I fall out of the time machine then the time machine disappears and onto a dirt road with horse tracks all up and down them. I hear a horse behind me and it's hoofs hitting the ground. I look up at a young man on a horse offering his hand. I grab it and he helps pull me up "You don't look like you belong here are you from across the ocean?" He asks. "Something like that." I reply I don't want to tell him I timed traveled here and I don't wanna say anything about the future because i'm afraid it will mess up the future."I will only be here for a week where can I stay?" "There is a nice inn down the road hop on and I will show you." I grab on to the back of the saddle and lift myself up on the back of the horse as the horse wobbles from the weight. We ride up to a old looking inn with two stories and horses waiting for their owners in the front tied to a pole. I walk up to the desk and ask the lady "I'm here visiting my friends and I need a room for a week." "That will be 5 pounds for each night." The guy kindly pays for a week then tells me goodbye and leaves. Then a week passes I wait for the time machine where it disappeared, There was a nice sell going on near by at the market so I go buy there to buy something just in case i'm really stuck here I watch nearby for the time machine I can hear screaming children and people chatting from the market. "Maybe I am stuck here." I say to myself it is better being stuck in any other time period and besides maybe I will be happier here maybe I belong here! I walk back down the road to inn where there was horses all tied to one post. I walk up to the desk of the inn "What do you need?" Says the young lady behind the desk. "I want to live here it's so beautiful I don't want to go back to my old town, do you know where I can get a job?" "You can work here and live in one of the spare rooms until you can afford a house and horse but you can't miss a day!" I agree to work there. Months and months pass I finally have enough money to move out of the inn and live in my own house. I go to the local stables "I need a horse." I say as I am walking up to the farmer. "That white beauty over there is Xena, she's 20 pounds she can take you anywhere" I give him 20 pounds and I get on the horse she was so beautiful. I trot to go find a house nearby somewhere to buy. For a hour all I hear is horse hooves hitting the ground with the same sound over and over it is so quiet in the town it sounds dead. I stumble by a nice little home and in the front there is a wooden sign painted on it was "For Sale" I trot back to the inn to find out who is selling that house. I walk back up to the desk and ask "That house near the lake who is selling that?" "Some old rich lad' he buys every house in this town then sells it for more!" she says while she is counting out her money "He lives on the west side of town." I trot to his house and his house was the biggest one in town he even had his own stables! I hear children running around and horses neighing I walk up and knock on the door. A guy who looked like he was in his 70s answers the door he was not dressed in old leather pants and shirts like the rest of the guys in town and his horses were not like the other. They were cleaned not a spot of dirt on the horses. His wife was behind him and it looked like she had just bought a new dress not like the others in town with dresses with holes and dirt all over them. "I was looking to buy a house and I would like to buy that house near the lake on south side of town." He scratch his beard and thinks for a minute "100 pounds and nothing less." he says I give him 100 pounds and jump on my horse and trot to my new house. I walk inside and it's nothing like modern day houses that i'm use to. It had a old wooden door that creaked whenever you moved it and old windows that were so dirty you couldn't see out of. It was wood all inside but it was beautiful. Summer came and I have got all the furniture for my house I planted a garden I think i'm going to start to like it here. I quit my job at the inn and got a job at the pub it pays more than the inn. I don't even think I will try to find a way back home anytime soon.

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