Historical figure face book project
Grace Kelly
By : Chasidy Preston
Computer Science Class

Grace Kelly Princess of Monaco

Prince Albert pays tribute to his loving mother Princess Grace Kelly

" And it seems she wasn't the only one, as Prince Albert, who opened the exhibition, also found time to appear in a filmed tribute to his mother which will be shown alongside the rest of the collection.

'I'm deeply touched by your interest in my mother and her rich legacy,' he says in the film. 'Most of the world knows my mother first as a Hollywood film actress, then as the princess of Monaco.

'She was indeed a beautiful and talented woman and a fashion icon but that is just the surface of her life."'

from :http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2477837/Prince-Albert-pays-tribute-Grace-Kelly-Philadelphia-exhibition.html

Princess Grace Kelly was a loving mother to her three children and to her loving country Monaco and loyal wife to prince rainier 3rd and a famous actor from philly. she showed passion and confidence in what ever she did but mainly supporting her country.

Before Grace Kelly was princess of Monaco she was an young actor in the making . her award winning movies was all she ever wanted until she had to make a decision that could end her acting carer for life , being princess of monaco or following her dream and stay an actor. her choice was to become princess of Monaco and lead her people and protect for life that is why i picked grace kelly she is a leader to all and importantly to me