By Michael Opperman

Session 1

In session one we took a test to see our score for our immune system. After that we also took a stress level test to finish and see our final score. We learned about the different defenses in our immune system.

Session 2

In session two we saw the effects of immunity on a community. Later we used the colored discs to see how they are affected on a scale.

Session 3

In session three we learned the different parts of the microscope and later used it to examine blood slides. After that we learned about the history of microscopes and how they have helped in the field of medicine.

Session 4

In session four we learned about the different types of bacteria. After learning about the different types of bacteria we saw how to group them. Later we used the microscope to see the bacteria and label it.

Session 5

In session five we learned about what a virus is. Later we saw a comparison to a human cell, a bacteria cell, and a virus cell. We learned that a virus cell is so small you can't see it with a regular microscope. Later we saw what a virus cell looks like and labyled it.

Session 6

In session six we learned about the different types of funguses. We later used the microscope to see the pathigens up close. At the end we wrote a short paragraph about a fungus and how to treat it.

Session 7

In session Seven we learned about the different immune system disorders. Later we went online and researched the different treatment options.


One of the careers in the field of immunolgy is working at the CDC. The CDC is the center for diese control. They track dieseas and find cures for current dieases. This job is very much like the session. They have to label new dieases. They have to study the immune system and have healthy habits.

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