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Metta is a web-based tool for creating flipped video lessons. Teachers can use the tool to take images, audio, and video from their computers (or the web) and easily mix it all into a video lesson that can be sent out to students.

How it can be used: It is an engaging lesson and it will capture the students attention from the very beginning. It also allows you create questions to see your students are paying attention in class.


EduCade has a ton of free, standards-based, lesson plans to try out. You can easily search by grade-level or subject-area to find any lesson you might need. All the lessons come with the resources you need, a step-by-step lesson plan, and even reviews from other teachers who have tried it out

How it can be used: You can find lesson plans and other learning resources to help you within the classroom. It is a great tool if you are stuck and can't figure out how to teach a certain topic or a subject.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a free classroom management app that can be used on the web, iOS, and Android devices. Within the app, you can store all of your student information. The app records and tracks all that behavior data so that you can view, graph, and analyze it whenever you want!

How it can be used: It allows you to track your classes behavior, grades and it allows you to look at their information in one place. It also allows to customized your students icons.

Pick a Student

It's important that all students are held accountable during class discussions and everyone has a chance to speak his or her mind. Type in the names of the students in your class -- use multiple class lists if you work with many groups of students -- and the app does the rest. Press a button on the screen each time you want to randomly call on a student, and a name will pop up.

How it can be used: This app forces your students to pay attention during a lecture or a discussion or while reading parts of a text. Student engagement is very important to the classroom environment.


Remind101 provides an easy way to send quick messages to the parents of your students. Teachers need to create an account, and parents can join the group by sending a text message. No computer is needed.

How it can be used: This is a form of communication between teacher, parents and students. You can send out mass amounts of information to multiple parents and students at the same time. This is a great app if you want to keep in contact with everyone.

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