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Interview with Jenna Fox

Seventeen year old Jenna Fox just awoke from a year-long coma.She has no idea who she is or what happened in the accident that almost cost her life. Two hundered sixty years later, Jenna reveals what happened behind the scenes.

CB- Hi Jenna, How are you doing?

JF- Fine, Thank you!

CB- It took you so long to regain your memory, how were the first few days?

JF- Curious. I couldn't even remember basic words like hot, apple, or even time. But I could recite an entire paragraph from a twelfth grade textbook. So much stuff happened while I was out that I was very eager to learn.

CB-You gained some new friends after the accident, can you tell us about a few?

JF- Well, first there's Allys. When I arrived at the charter school, she was really the most welcoming. She always stood proudly by the FSEB and had strong opinions on what they had to say, like the point system and the forty nine percent rule. After I found out I was Bio Gel and only ten-percent human, Allys kind of put the puzzle pieces together. When she was dying, she told her parents who I was and to turn me in to the FSEB. But since she was in such critical condition, her parents begged my father, Matthew Fox, to save her the way they saved me. So now, Allys is twenty two percent and one of my best friends.  Then there's Ethan. From my first day at charter, we got off to a rocky start. From me correcting him on Walden to calling him a freak, we kind of went at it. But over time, he accepted me for who I was and I accepted him. We cared about and loved each other, and still do.

CB- In that last answer you told us that you were made of BioGel and only ten-percent human, what was your reaction to finding out?

JF- I really don't know how to describe it. I cut my hand, the stairs were rocking and swaying, until I found my mother talking in the kitchen with Lily. I remember thrusting my hand out, showing the gash and demanding for answers. Mother told me that I was terribly burned and that my arms and legs were replaced with BioGel. I felt like a freak. I wanted to know how much of a human I was and when Mother wouldn't answer the question, Lily intervened. She said that I was only ten percent human.That they saved only ten percent of my brain, the butterfly. Basically, I felt like an illegal freak.

CB- You and your grandmother Lily had a special relationship, can you tell us about it?

JF- Since the first day I woke up, Lily was always kind of cold shouldered towards me. We almost never talked and she  preferred silence anyway. I thought she didn't love me or the least like me. From watching video tapes, I knew she loved pre-accident with all her heart so it was how I was presently. Later, she told me that she didn't not like the new Jenna she just didn't have room for me. Lily was always a faithful woman and she didn't agree on what my parents did. She told me that they should have let me die, that they should have let me go.

CB-  Kara Manning and Locke Jenkins were your best friends before the accident, can you tell us about them and the accident?

JF- Where do I start? Kara was my friend for as long as I can remember. We both lived in Boston, right down the street for each other. We were great students and rule followers and both of us had something to live up to. I was put on a pedestal from the day I was born and Kara came from an exceptional family, so being extraordinary was no exception. Then came Locke.He was only our friend about a year and a half before the accident happened. He was very smart too. Even though he was younger than us by a couple of months, we could tell that he had something great inside him. Then came the accident. Locke had found out about a party and told Kara. They begged me to go because I was the one with a car. I didn't have a license, but I said yes anyway and Kara drove. When we got there, it was an older crowd and people were drinking and smoking. Then a fight broke out. All of us ran  to the car and sped away from the party. As we headed up the highway, still going to fast, a sudden curve came along. Last minute shouts were being said as we fell off the high way and crashed. White light surrounded me for a moment, then came the blackness.

CB- We've heard something about backups, can you describe what they are and where they are?

JF- The backups were this six-inch cube locked in my mother's closet that kept a copy of Kara's, Locke's and my minds. My father called it an environment that kept the mind going, thinking, and spinning. He said it was like a dreamworld. Well, that place was anything but dreamy. I was there for a year and a half. It was a dark, soundless, wall-less place where your thoughts are the only thing to keep you company. It was a nightmare that I couldn't wake up from. Once I found the backups, I knew I couldn't leave Kara and Locke there forever. So Lily and I composed a plan. One morning, I screamed and my parents came running into my room. But I got out as soon as they got there and Lily locked them in. Then, I ran to get the backups. My father said that they couldn't be sustained after 30 minutes of leaving the charging dock. Just as dawn was breaking, I ran out to the pond behind my house and stood there. I could see my parents from my bedroom window looking tiny and powerless. First I threw in Kara's. It went in dead center, ripples reaching the outer edges of the pond then going serene again. Locke's went in next. Then came mine. The final fall of Jenna Fox. It soars in the air then hits the pond to join her companions in their final resting place. Now, there's only one Jenna Angeline Fox.

CB- Your parents went to extraordinary lengths to keep you alive, would you do that for your daughter?

JF- No. Even though I love Kayla with all my heart, I would rather her go on and die than to put her through what I went through.

CB-  You've said that you were put on a pedestal from the day you were born, what does that mean?

JF- Before my parents had me, they had 3 other babies but they died before they grew up. Then I came along all healthy and chubby, like a baby should. My parents thought that I was their miracle child. That I could make up for something that three babies couldn't. Before the accident, I was impossibly busy. Soccer, ballet, piano, you name it, I did it. Their precious Jenna. If I struggle with something, they got me a private tutor or coach until I was perfect.

CB- You were in a coma for over a year. What was that like?

JF- A black void. A place where there's no light, no sound and I have no eyes or mouth. I couldn't cry out because there was no breath. No words. The darkness and silence went on forever. I didn't dream. There were no dreams.

CB- Finally, How is being made of BioGel?

JF- Well, its no walk in the park for sure. I have to take nutrients which is kind of this bland looking liquid with no taste. That's another thing, I can't taste anything. One day I remembered that I loved hot chocolate, so I made it and it was tasteless. I have an irregular digestive system and I walk really funny. Even though its allowed me to live for 260 more years, I just don't now if it's really all that.

This has been Jenna Angeline Fox. Who after recovering from a serious accident learns a startling secret about her existance. Look below for an update on BioGel and the FSEB.

Who Is human?
An inside look at the FSEB's newest law.

The Federal Science and Ethics Board or the FSEB, passed a new law about human life and biotechnology. FSEB has stated that, 'As long as you have a percentage of human life, you're still considered human.' That being said, BioGel and other forms of bio enhancement and technology are completely legal. But, according to  Ms. Hannah Lee, a representative from the board has said that the FSEB decided that, "No human is allowed to live beyond a reasonable and proper age and will be punished if finding a way to live beyond the limits." What are the punishments though? And how do they control the limits? "The punishment can be severe." says Lee, "Anywhere from house arrest or taking custody of the person and dealing with him/her ourselves." She also told us that, "After 260 years of playing with BioGel, we have created a newer version so that anyone getting new bio enhancement, doesn't live beyond 90 or 100 years of age."

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Comic Corner!

Kara Manning, 17

Kara Manning lived in Boston her entire life. She was a wonderful student, always following the rules. Her style was unique, she favored red the most. Jenna Fox and Locke Jenkins were her best friends, also who she spent most of her time with. Kara died after three weeks of severe head trauma caused by a car accident at 17 years old, along with Locke Jenkins and supposedly Jenna Fox.

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