In school we have been learning about sustainability and to improve our sustainability we went on a 10km walk.On this walk we saw this huge slip that closed the road down below for 1 year

The manawatu gorge

19 August 2011 on a Winter's night and heavy rain is coming down.Soaking into the steep hillside of the Manawatu Gorge eventually the ground can hold no more water.A rush of rocks and mud started to pour down burying the highway and spilling into the Manawatu River.But the problem was about to get worse.The rain sent even more debris crashing clown 20,000 cubic meters of it.In total they trucked away 370,000 thousand cubic meters.

This is us waiting for the parents to come back and it is also the start of our journey.On the way there we found a big wind farm so we decided to rest by them and look at them for a bit.

The wind turbines were big and noisy they are good because they produce clean and renewable energy and the fact that one can power 500 homes but the cons are the size and the cost because they are big and made out of metal so they take up a lot of room and they are expensive.

Here are some facts A nikau palm usually grows about 10-15 meters tall.The nikau palm tree is a very slow growing tree it normally takes 40–50 years to begin to form a trunk and about 200 years to reach 10 meters tall that is very long.The leaf scar on the nikau palm tree is used to see how old they are.The bright red nikau fruits take about one year to ripen and are an important food source for native nikau palm tree is pretty interesting tree but defiantly a slow grower.

watch this video to see the track enjoy

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