Michael's Music Memory List

W.C. Handy

William Christopher Handy grew up in a log cabin in Alabama. He was very poor as his mom and dad were ministers. He was saving money to get a guitar and when he got the guitar his dad told him to take it back. So he could get a big dictionary. William was a good student in school and enjoyed it. He was was happier than anyone in the class. He thought all sounds outside where music.

Blues is secular music expressing man's relationship to man or God. Blues are often improvised which is the heart of the jazz style. The blues form was new to music and consists of of three four measure phrases (12 bars). Handy was the first to write and publish Blues. No one knows where it originates but they know it was around in the 1890’s W.C Handy made it popular for his publication of “Memphis Blues” and “St.Louis Blues”. Handy received a very small amount of money for “Memphis Blues”. He was 40 years in age and had to support a growing family. One day,he left the house with a suitcase without telling his wife,Elizabeth. He rented a room to work on his music with a piano. W.C. Handy said “Once he began writing, it wrote itself. Handy published “St.Louis Blues” as soon as possible. He made over $4,000 for the new song. W.C. Handy continued to write music and publish songs. He became know as “The Father of Blues”.

My opinion is that he sounds like a good person. He did good in school he graduated from High School. Even though he didn't go to College he pursued his dreams to make music. Surprisingly he did well for himself. He made the blues a popular thing.

Carl Orff

  • He lived near a Military Regiments Musicians
  • When he was 3 he experimented the beats he heard with a meat pounder on the piano
  • In 1923, he and a friend founded a school for movement,dance, and rhythmic training
  • In 1944 the school was closed for political reasons and it was bombed a few days later
  • He was asked to make a series of broadcasts for teachers to share with their students
  • When he died in 1982 he was an inspiration for kids to learn and enrich their lives for music
  • "Never music alone but music connected with movement,dance, and speech, ... meaningful only in active participation." is what he said
  • Carmina Burana was one of his collection's he published

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