The Canopians

You guys must have been very fond of Earth, or you wouldn't have traveled all the way here just to see it up close. So, I've decided to show y'all around this place... First off we are going to start out here, at my home. Because y'all will be staying here with me, and since you landed here in my backyard. I don't need to tell you where you are. Now lets head up to my room where I will explain to you where everything is and what to do...
My daily routine is usually: I wake up, get ready for school in my room, then head to school, which is not too far away. When you leave my house you will take a left at the first stop sign, and then go straight for a long time, go over the bridge and then up the hill, pass the gas station. By then you should be able to see my school, it's very large. When you arrive there you will go to all of the same classes with me, and I will just tell them you are my cousins. So you will follow me during school. Then when school is over we will head back to my house, then I have to get ready for work, when it is time for me to leave we all head out. Y'all will stay behind me, we just take a left after the first stop sign, and then go straight, go over the bridge and then up the hill, pass the gas station and my school. Then there is three stop lights that you will pass and keep going straight. Over another bridge then we will take a slight left after a mile or two, stop at the stop sign, take a right and go straight or about five minutes. You will see a big yellow sign that reads Bubba's BBQ and steakhouse. Then you will take a right. When we get inside I will just tell my managers that you guys are to observe me for some type of article for a new magazine. After a long day of working we will then head home, I usually take a shower, and then go to bed and do the day all over again. I don't do anything besides go to school and work.
On the days I have off, I often go over to my friends house and hangout. Maybe i'll even go running. You never know what will happen. I don't have any days off this week though, unfortunately. Now, let's put you guys to the test, can you handle a week of doing everything that I do?

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