Yvette Hairston


"My Hero" Computer Science Project Website
Crossroads Accelerated Academy at Meade
(School District of Philadelphia)
1601 North 18th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19121
Sherlaunda Hairston

   My hero is my mother Yvette Hairston, I chose my mother as my big hero because she over came a hard course in her life last year. Around this time last year my mom had got locked up. She got her money stolen, also put down very low for what she had did. My mother found out people true ways, but as soon as she got out all she had was us(her kids). Watching my mother go through this change and her not giving up makes me not want to give up either in this world.

Right now I'm 16 and still in the 8th grade but looking at my mother every day forces me to push harder. Last year while she was locked up I didn't attend school, I was watching my grades get lower and lower. Until she came home, I really paid attention to what was my mom was going through and how she didn't want us to do the same. So my mother took me out of home school and brought me to this accelerated school called crossroads. Now I'm focused passing with A's and B's, if it wasn't for my mom sometimes I don't know where I'd be. That's my hero and I look up to her every day.

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