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About Optin Architect

Optin Architect is a web-based app that allows you to create, design, customize, manage and monitor all different types of Lead Capture / Optin Form campaigns.

  1. 1 Minute Install: Create all types of lead capture forms in a matter of a few clients. Copy and paste and you are ready to go!
  2. All Types of Optin Forms: Choose from all types of optin campaigns, including Popups, Header / Footer optins, Sidebar optins and more.
  3. Stylish Optin Form Designs: Choose from the ever growing library of Optin Form designs and customized for your needs.
  4. Conversion Tracking: Monitor each forms views, unique visitors, and conversions (submissions).
  5. Auto-Responder Integration: Compatible with ANY email marketing service to add each subscriber to your list.
  6. Fully Responsive: All forms look beautiful on all desktop and mobile devices.
  7. Browser Compatibility: All forms are tested across all major browsers.

Launch Strategies for running successful Email Marketing Campaigns, Product Launches, List Building:

  1. List Building: You build the list but this is also about building a relationship with that list. You need to find out what they want and give it to them. The relationship helps for getting people to tell you what they want! You need to sell the opt-in, focus on building the list, use SEO tactics, and use other people’s lists (JV partners). Key metric: opt-in rate. You must always focus on list building. If you focus on building in an opt-in with traffic you are getting the long term business asset (rather than just a sale today, unless of course you back end the sale). To gain lists JV, but remember: they care about the integrity of their list, so position yourself to help them make money and preserve integrity. There are prospect lists and customer lists. A customer is worth 10-15x a prospect. You are always building your list from launch to launch, and you want to use multiple lead sources. There are certain situations where a launch will create a huge list over night (a big bang), and that is the goal you are working towards (it can take a few tries to get the hang of it). Think in terms of sequences of launches to that big bang. The single most important decision to make is who is going to host it.
  2. Relationship: Be honest. It won’t happen overnight, relationships take time. You do not want to just hammer them with offers fast and hard (although sometimes it can work in the short run) if you want that long term relationships. It is better to have a relationship with 100 people then to have a list with 10,000 people you are not close to.
  3. Conversation: That is how you build relationships. Have conversations with your list and it identifies what they want. It also gives you a strong defense (your list will defend you against the web 2.0 structure) and a source of partners, employees, and vendors.
  4. Learn what your list wants: You do this through surveys and encouraging interaction. Everywhere throughout your process you are encouraging people to write back to you/give feedback, because that is where you find out what people want. You can also interact with them on Facebook and twitter. Note: desires are endless and your lists needs are constantly changing (providing fresh content to sell them on).
  5. Positioning: A continue communication with your email list gets you great positioning! You get a leadership role, pricing premiums, and deal flow (people approach you for deals now).
  6. Create the solution your list desires: Depending on what the list wants, you then create the product. Both what they want and WHAT FORM THEY WANT IT IN. So it might be an eBook, subscription, home study course, physical product, service. You will often find people in your list trying to help you create products, often for free! You become like a celebrity and they want to hang out with you. This makes selling easier. If you are doing a product/service, then you can usually include information with the bundle as bonus or part of the product, that can be a USP or a premium positioning tool.
  7. Identify potential objections: Through surveys and through dialog. Once you have the objections you can defeat them by positioning and selling it effectively. Talk about finding PAIN and growing that. Selling is just taking away objections and all that’s left is to buy. Take away objections through social media, blogs, and dialog. Launches really are conversations (not just “buy my stuff buy my stuff buy my stuff for 3 weeks”.

There are relationships between these steps. Once you work with your list to build relationships, they will start building your list for you! Once you start a dialog with your list and learn what they want, they will start giving you objections, testimonials, and ideas for your next product launch, and they will help you create your product, and simply by asking them what they want, that will build the relationships. By asking them what they want, it will build your relationship, they will give you testimonials, and potential objections and as you defeat them you will gather more testimonials. If you turn it into an exciting event, it will create a buzz that will build your list and relationships (gets them excited), get them interacting for testimonials, and talking about what they want now and for other products.

And with Optin Architect. Its as easy as 4 easy steps…

STEP 1: Choose Your Capture Form Campaign
STEP 2: Configure & Customize Your Form
STEP 3: Embed Your Code on Your Site
STEP 4: Monitor and Track Stats / Conversions

No design, No programming skills needed. Optin Architect team have done tweaking, testing and experiments. Now you can leverage only the highest-converting forms and implement across your sites.

And the best part is…there is NO LIMITATIONS, including:

  • Can be used on unlimited personal/client websites
  • Can handle unlimited no. of impressions
  • Can capture unlimited Lead Capture & Opt In Forms
  • Can be used on any website or blog including CMS apart from WordPress (Biggie!)
  • You get unlimited updates for life. And let me tell you Mark Thompson team is very good at improving their product from time to time. Including the new designs, funtionality and addition of new feature in coming future.


Since, Optin Architect has just been released to the public, you can jump in at a lower price that they will never offer again.


This introductory price is only available for a limited number of copy and it won’t last forever since they are planning to bump the price up as they will continue adding more Optin Types, New Designs and some extra features in their next updated version.

So, its the right time for you to TAKE ACTION now and get your copy of fully-featured version of Optin Architect right now.


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