Chew On This

By: Bradey Huber

Author and Main Characters:

1. Eric Schlosser (author)

2. Ray Kroc

3. Fast Food

4. Workers


Chew On This is a book about fast food and how it affects people. It talks about how Ray Kroc on of the main characters and how he want to become a business owner. Well, one day that came true. He opened up what is called McDonald's. McDonald's is a very known fast food restaurant in this time of life. It also talks about some of the workers in the book and how they thought of working at a fast food restaurant and what does it feel like to work at a famous fast food restaurant.

Point of view:

the Point of view for this book is first person because its talking about a business owners and fast food

The Moral:

Be careful of what you eat


Non-Fiction because its talking about specific people and owners and makers of food and restaurants

In Conclusion:

So in conclusion how are you going to react when you are done reading this book, the pictures in it are good they also have good evidence and important facts. So how will you eat fast food after thinking about how the book tells about fast food?

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