Top Rated Cold Press Juicers

A List of the Best Cold Press Juicer Machines Available on the Market

Cold press juicers are known to offer the very best in taste and health juices. Compared to other juicing methods, the cold press offers a cleaner and crisper tasting juice, keeps more nutrients intact , and yields up to 50% more juice.

As juicing becomes increasingly popular in Australia, more and more people are seeing the benefits of the cold press juicer and the joy of having one home. If you also are looking to have a cold press juicer in your home, here is a list of the best cold press juicer machines available out there.

  • Kempo Juicer: Kempo is one the best cold press juicer and also one of the most affordable juicer you can buy. It has a twin gear system which offers a better extraction rate than single gear and also the advantage of being super easy to clean due to the way the pulp is pushed out of the juicer during the extraction process.
  • Lexsun Juicer: A six in one product that handles a wider range of ingredients and functions. It rates as one of the highest for single gear juicer and offers a great juice extraction. If you are looking for a multi function appliance, the Lexsun juicer can be perfect for you.
  • Lifespring Juicer: One of the most affordable cold press juicer you can find out there. It is perfect for home as it is easy to use and clean, presents low noise level and can handle pretty much every kind of ingredients – from fruits to vegetables.
  • Hurom 400 Juicer: One of the newest model introduced into the market, this juicer presents a great quality and extraction rate. This model can even handle more difficult ingredient such as wheat grass.
  • Avancer Juicer: Out there are numerous recommendations on trying this Avancer juicer. Although it isn't a branded cold press juicer it works very well. Many customers have left very solid reviews on the performance of this juicer and they commented that it works great for juicing vegetables as it provides a high extraction rate when handling them. What is even better is its affordability. Thus you might want to consider this Avancer Juicer for a good price and a solid product.

With the help of one of these best cold press juicer appliances, getting your recommended daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables will be much easier.