Carl Jung

A psychoanalytic psychologist from the early 1900's also known as the victorian era.

Who is he?: Jung was a psychoanalytic psychologist from the early to mid 1900s. He initially had gone to school for his fascination in medicine, but discovered his curiosity of the human mind along the way.

Studies: The collective unconscious, he broke our minds into three separate areas. The ego, Id, and superego.

EGO: Our conscious mind, the middle of ID and superego. The mediator and decision maker that we as beings are aware of.

Superego: Represents societies rules and restrictions. These typically come from our parents, unconscious and conscious mind. The angel on your shoulder.

ID: Our drive for sexual desires, thirst, hunger, and anything else. The devil on your shoulder. The pleasure principal, typically your unconcious mind.

extraversion and introversion- Carl Jung's central dimension of human personality theories. He was the first one to really study personality.

Another huge part of Carl Jung is his theory of dream analysis. Like Freud he believed in the unconscious unlike others during this time period, but he focused on dreams as symbols of our unconscious mind.

Why is he important: He worked with Freud and other psychologists to come up with important theories that we still talk about today in the psychologial world.

In the psychoanalytic school of thought Jung was important because he took some of Freud's theories down a notch and created a thought process that made more sense, especially during the time period. (vicotrian era.)

Dream analysis and our unconscious mind.

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