Silke,Hippo,Taylar 6th

The hippo is a big animal that lives in the water  most of the time. the hippo is a kinda purple /  grayish. the hippo lives in a grasslands bio-me. the hippo also lives in the Saharan Africa. the hippo eats about 36 kg of grass a day . one the biggest predator is a lion or alligator. One adaptation is sensitive skin for a hippo and the hippos excrete a reddish oil that helps protect from skin drying it.They help from getting dry.Hippos have very long and sharp teeth the teeth never stop growing to kill prey.prey. Their long and sharp teeth help catch and kill prey easier They adapt to stay underwater a long period of time.It helps them by keeping their skin dry.

The hippo moves with the legs. It senses its environment with it eyes. It kills with its teeth. It defends itself with under water camouflage. It reproduces with external fertilization.