Tools of the trade
Stephen Morin P#3


Edmodo is an Educational website for students and teachers it allows Teachers and students to interact educationally outside the school campus. also is a good way to check up to see when  work is due and much more.


Remind is a simple as its called reminding system that can email you or even message your phone. All you have to do is set up using your phone number or email. is a website that helps you make infographics  and such it has a basic system that is easy to understand once you get used to it and is very useful for School and or off campus activities.


Tackk is a fun way to make creative infographics  such as this the are so many things you can do with it such as editing in videos and websites also many creative things you can do with the text such as fonts and other fun tools you have access to.

The IB Design Cycle

The basic steps to the IB design cycle are to  Evaluate,investigate,plan,create  and these brake down to quite a few more steps that will be gone over in the video. But as to the basics it is a good set of 'rules'  to designing a logical powerpoint or infographic.   

Inquiring & Analyzing

The steps to this are: Explain and justify the need for a solution, identify and prioritize primary and secondary  Analyze products that inspire a solution for the problem and the design a detailed design brief.

Developing ideas  

Is the process of coming up with ideas to solve the problem and make a design specification also Develop accurate planning / drawings and outline the requirements.

Creating the solution

Come up with a plan to solve the problem also demonstrate Excellent technical skills then follow the plan and present the solution.  


Come up with relevant testing methods which generate data and measure the success rate of the solution then put the success of the solution against design specification then explain how it can be improved finally explain the impact of the solution on the audience/Client.

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