Exploration Proposal

To Canada from beloved France!

In English:

My dear Louis the twelfth of France, I am proposing an amazing and daring voyage out to the new land just across the vast ocean.  This barely explored region is waiting for us and all I am asking for is funding for the trip.  You will gain riches of coal and land, to expand the country while still in the comfort of your home.  Everyone is aware of the disappearing coal, with millions of kilograms of your own your own you will become the richest man in all of Europe!  Of course there is a possibility for this plan to fail, but as we know John Cabot made it there safely and returned home with treasures more wonderful then you can imagine!  I am only asking for 5,800 euros to purchase supplies and workers.  This may seem like a large donation of funds.  This money will be used to purchase four boats, 450 coal miners and workers, 16 well trained doctors, food, and whiskey along with other necessary supplies.  Because even England's John Cabot had a problem with new sicknesses over in the land this is why we will be taking 16 doctors, four doctors on each of the boats.  Food will include imperishable foods and whiskey because it will keep longer.    My plan is to follow Cabot's route to the northern area and continue down south along the coat until we see mountains that are bound to be filled with coal.  The trip should take about five and a half to six months depending on weather.  We will leave port May 12th and return in early November.  Cabot is planning another voyage across the border and we are expecting to see his ships again in search of civilization raising sheep for the wool trade.  The smartest plan would be to avoid his troops because they have had more experience.  Of course if we were not to disembark on this adventure other countries would gain power and easily over rule us.  There are problems that could be encountered of course.  These would include rough seas, sickness, and the silently deadly starvation and dehydration.  That is the pro of bringing an amount of trained doctors that have already agreed to bring their own supplies to treat our men for only a small cost.  We shall distribute The food between the boats so if one boats sinks we will not loose our entire  supply.  As for rough seas we are going to be using the highest rank ships: The Richard, The Henry, Victory, and Crimson  will be our transportation made by the experienced team from Burgenport.  Just remember that you could easily double your riches in half of a year.

Respectfully Yours,

Elisabeth Cox of Cannes

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