Anne Franks Childhood
By: Skylar Krzak

Anne Frank's childhood

  • Anne Frank was born June 12, 1929
  • Her parents were Otto and Edith Frank
  • She had a sister Margot Frank
  • She lived in Frankfort Germany before she moved to Amsterdam
  • When her father gave her the diary she wrote in it everyday about her days and nights in the attic
  • Until someone ratted them out and they had to go to camps
  • Her diary became really famous
  • Due to Adolf Hitler Anne and her family moved to Amsterdam
  • Anne loved to write and wanted to be a write
  • Otto Frank- Anne's Father- He was the only one to survive-1944
  • Margot Frank- Anne’s Sister- Died with her in the concentration camps-1945
  • Natzi Soldiers- Adolph Hitlers soldiers- Killed everyone who was jewish-1932
  • Peter Van Daan- Anne’s childhood crush-1923
  • Adolf Hitler- The crazy man who killed jews-1889

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