Tobbie"Dude" my cat and keeping him Alive

My 4 month cat Tobbie is very sick to the point he might die. Him and me have been fighting for that not to happen. Tobbie is a Himalayan American Bobtail  he is the most adorable blue eyed white with orange flame point. He is a exotic breed and its believed this is his problem. I got him at Petplus and from the begining he had problems the vet said he had parasites and a intestinal organism . He was given antibiotics from thier he had a upper respitory infection. For the most part he looked fine but things got worse he got a fever from thiee he was fine for a week and the one night we rushed him to the Vet ER that night was scary and we were told things like Liver Shunt and FIP. I was told I should put him asleep and that he was not going to make it. I said no because I could not believe this could happen to such a wonderful kitten. I decided to open a fundraiser for him because he needs testing. His vet who immediately saw him the next day believes its a viral infection but that caused nerological damadge he has followers but only two have helped I understand yes its not thier cat but all these empty wishes will not help Tobbie he needs people that believes actions can change the world. Hopefully someone will yes hope my kitten but also want to help and  make a difference. My goals with Tobbie was for him to become a therapy cat. Before he got sick I had got intouch with a agency to make Tobbie a Therapy  cat for people who are hospitalized and need cheering up. I know this is still possible with help, consider it your good deed or giving back. Know that helping Tobbie he will give back and make many people happy go to youcare and search for Tobbie