Dallas Cowboys

book: Grabowski, John F. The Dallas Cowboys. San Diego, CA: Lucent, 2002. Print.ere
images: http://imgc.allpostersimages.com/images/P-473-488-90/10/1060/8LVL000Z/posters/dallas-cowboys-helmet-logo-photofile.jpg

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underdog - someone who is not expected to win or lose.

contender - A person who try's to win something.

unprecedented - like you have no previous example

irrational - not with reason

impoverished - you lose everything

1. The Dallas Cowboys used to be called the Dallas Rangers.

2. The Dallas Cowboys were referred as Americas team.

3. The Dallas Cowboys were officially a team in 1960

My dad is A huge Dallas Cowboys fan. So I wanted to learn more about the Dallas Cowboys.

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