Find Your Body Shape And Learn How To Dress For It

Need to understand what will be the best way to dress for your body type? The first step towards that aim would be to understand what your shape actually is! Here is a guide to help you make all the right choices..

The Banana

This body shape means that your chest, waist and hips are almost the same size. Having this body type means you can sport v-necks and short skirts without looking too skimpy. How to dress for this body type: Look for clothes that highlight your waistline and are flattering to your hips and chest. Belts, especially broad ones should always be in your wardrobe as they will make your waist look smaller. Flimsy fabrics like chiffon are the ones you should choose.

The Apple

This body shape simply means that your upper body is bigger in shape as compared to your lower body. You have the gift of large breasts which definitely make you look sexier. Skinnier legs mean that short skirts will not look bulky or awkward on you. How to dress for this body type: Find clothes that decrease the size of your arms and chest and let you flaunt your legs. Long sleeved dresses, blouses paired with short skirts or even cardigans with your favourite denims are the best choice for you.

The Pear

This body type means that your lower body is larger in size in proportion to your upper body. Women with this body shape often complain about how their clothes don’t look the way they should on them. How to dress for this body type: You should try and find clothes that draw attention away from your hips. Maybe a pleated skirt or dress or any other lower body garment that doesn’t hug the shape of your hips will do you loads of good.

The Hourglass

Seriously? Congratulations my dear because you have just landed the jackpot of body shapes!! This also means that most clothes that highlight your small waist and flatter your hips and chest will look perfect on you. How to dress for this body type: Go crazy and find clothes that actually hug your body shape. But don’t overdo it either.. Make sure that the outfit you put together concentrates on highlight either your chest or your hip, not both. Wearing a combination of cleavage revealing tops and short, bum-hugging bottoms will only end up making you look cheap. Remember that subtle is always sexy.

Fact of the matter is, you can make sure you look stunning no matter what your body shape is. You just need to understand what type of clothing will suit you best and what areas of your body you need to highlight more. How to dress for your body type isn’t rocket science at all. Just keep these simple tips in mind and you will always be wearing the very best clothes for any occasion.

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