Griffin Book Club Project

Erin Outen

6th Grade

Mrs. Steward

The author gives readers information about life in the Glade very slowly and in small bits, keeping readers in the dark for much of the book. Why do you think Dashner chose to tell the story this way? Were you frustrated by the lack of information?

I think Dashner chose to tell the story this way because he only wanted the readers to know as much as Thomas did. Thomas started out knowing just as much as we did. The Box, and his name. As he learned more, we did too. The other Gladers did not reveal much information right away, so we were in the dark for a while.

I was frustrated by the lack of information.
I was just as curious as Thomas; I wanted to know everything about the Maze and the Glade, and why they were trapped in the Maze in the first place. With each turn of events, I became more and more curious. Why was the Maze infested with Grievers? Who built the Maze, and why? Why did Teresa come with that strange message?