10 principles

On email we have to sing in with our account then go to our email and send some people our writing .Then on blog is kind of the same but we can put pictures and sent to the teacher or some one.Digital photography is  when we took pictures and we put it on photoshop and we did videos and put it on iMovie.And on keynote we write and we put pictures and send my keynote to my teachers email.video production is we film with the cameras then I connect the camera with the cable and connected to the computer so it could down load the video then we go to iMovie  and we start our video.And sound engineering is we put music or any sound we could cut the sound  even the music.Photoshop is we take pictures and we edit stuff to our pictures like painted and cut the pictures or anything even logos .desktop are pages on the computer that we could writhe and print the paper won the printer. . Animation is like a cartoon and theirs  different ways animation is made like stop motion animation,3d animation, stretch ,timing. Fashion design is to design cloth and other and make different design. Game design is to make our game like star mechanic we can make games and theirs components are the avatar that we can use and theirs enemies space is how the game was design mechanics are the controllers like jumping and moving left and right.

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