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The Outsiders/Hero's Journey Essay

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The Outsiders/Hero's Journey Essay

My writing at the beginning of the year was rusty because of summer break, now my writing has improved from the beginning to now because of how much I have learned in my english class.

I think my writing strengths are more on the creative side with ideas and thoughts rather than rules and (CUPS).

I know everyone can work one everything in every way,  For me I can work more on my (CUPS) and format.

I enjoyed reading this novel because it contains feeling, rivalry, emotion, and it is just a very good story overall, it not only taught Ponyboy, allot it also taught myself allot     

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The Outsiders/Hero’s Journey Tyler Foug

5/12/14 Period 6

There are many types of heros in the world that are well known such as Super Man, and Spider Man, including veterans that served in the military. Besides Super Man

and Spider Man, there are other hero’s with smaller stories. In The Outsiders by S.E Hinton, the main character Ponyboy Curtis experiences something that all heros have to go through, the hero’s journey. In the realistic fiction novel, by S.E. Hinton the main character Ponyboy Curtis goes on a Hero’s Journey because he travels through the three required phases of a monomyth.

In the hero’s journey, the first step is the separation from the known. In The Outsiders, the separation is when Ponyboy’s big brother Darry hits Pony’s face. When Ponyboy came home late from falling asleep in the lot he found Darry sitting in a chair awake, as action took place, “Darry wheeled around and slapped me so hard it knocked me against the door” (50). After this action from Darry, Ponyboy feels that Darry doesn't want him in the house anymore, so Pony and Johnny run away and then decided to stop at the park. Pony experiences panic and fear when Johnny kills Bob, one of the socs. After Johnny’s action Ponyboy wakes up from blacking out and Johnny says, “I killed that boy”(56). As both of them were in shock they knew that they had to go and run away, this is where the journey begins. Later, they decide to run away to where Dally was staying, for some advice on what to do after what happened.

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The next phase in the hero’s journey is the initiation, this is where Ponyboy will have to face some challenges in his journey. While they are at Dally’s place he gives them a hideout at the abandoned church and hands them some money for food and items they want or need. In the initiation Pony and Johnny face the challenge to save children in the church that was on fire. As they were stumbling through the burning ember of the church, “The cinders and embers began falling on us, stinging and smarting like ants”(92). This represents a challenge for Ponyboy and Johnny both in physical and psychological ways. Taking the risk of your life to save others is very brave and outgoing, including the extreme danger.

In the second part of the initiation Ponyboy finds out that Johnny has a serious injury. After a burning piece of wood collapsing on Johnny's back, as Ponyboy is laying down in a ambulance worried about him, he asks, “where’s Johnny?’, ”frightened at being in this car with strangers” This represents Pony’s feelings for Johnny, especially what they’ve been through together. Johnny experiences very extreme burns and is in very bad condition. As Johnny is spending time in the hospital, he can’t come back from his incident saying his last words, “stay gold PonyBoy” then hit the end of his short life. This creates a very sad mood for PonyBoy and the rest of the gang, however for Dally it was different, after Johnny died he felt that there was no point in his life anymore and “snapped”. He was in very big trouble at a store and was chased by the cops. Unfortunately the gang arrived too late, and the unloaded gun in Dally’s hand just showed he was asking to be shot, so he was. After Ponyboy returned

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from being delirious he remembered what happened, “And then I remembered. Dallas and Johnny were dead. Don’t think of them, I thought. This is the transformation after the Abyss, in the hero‘s journey, next is the revelation when Pony learns from his experience and could help other people who were like him, “The boys from Brumly, too. Young hoods-who would grow up to be old hoods. I’d never thought about it before, but they’d just get worse as they got older, not better”(138). As from then on, things were better with his brothers and they took better care of each other.

The next part of this hero’s journey is the return to everyday life. Ponyboy realizes the value in other people and to respect their differences and feelings. When Pony settles in at home it is different after both Darry and Pony notice how their fighting is affecting Sodapop, Pony and Darry agree, “No more fights. Okay, Ponyboy?” “Okay”(177). In the return to everyday life is when Ponyboy comes out of his concussion and realizes that Bob the soc who Johnny killed was a person and not a nameless unknown person. Just what Cherry Valance said, the Bob she knew, as Pony realized, ”A real person, the best buddy a guy could ever had, kept trying to make somebody stop him- Randy had told me that”(162). Ponyboy could now understand that the world is not full of categories and full of people who have their own story and background. After Ponyboy had read Johnny’s note he realized that all the greasers including himself could be who they want to be inside and have their life that they want to live. After understanding this, Pony now has a gift to share with the whole world, which he does in his english paper.

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In the realistic fiction novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton takes place in Tulsa OK. The main character Ponyboy Curtis goes on a Hero’s Journey, because he travels through the three required phases of a monomyth. Ponyboy returned from his journey with a gift to share with the whole world. Learning from Ponyboy’s journey, you should always take the opportunity to do something you want to do or you know is good for you. When we take opportunities something always happens and we react, after we react we should learn from what happened. Once you learn from a mistake or a success we should always apply the new knowledge from what you experienced to everyday life. So whenever you take an opportunity you are learning every step through it whether you messed up or had a total success, thats why we say learn from your mistakes.

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