Lyric Poetry

Lyric poetry traces back to ancient Greece where melodic tales of battle and lost loves were recited and accompanied by a lyre. lyric poems were used to entertain the people and recite history. The musical nature made the poems easier to remember. There for traditions for lyric poetry were formed. The poems were eventually not accompanied by a lyre. Besides the Greeks, lyric poetry traces to the people of  Egypt, Babylon, Israel, and many other places. To this day they still contain the same elements.

I Feel Colours In Poems
Peter S. Quinn

I feel colours in poems
Not only words
I feel me there too
And animals and birds
It's a wood deep and evergreen
Not all understood or seen
Sometimes brighter then a morning
Or emotional deeper than an yearning
It's sometimes everything
Then nothing in between
I feel colours in poems
Sure it's all language
But it's this and this too
Always something new
I have seen a tree poem
I have seen a mountain poem
And all the other poems
I nearly understood
I am like a little poem
Just like you