Bikini Bottom

My first topic that I will be talking about is our language we speak English and many other languages.  We like to speak in English because many of our residents only speak English, but its okay if you don't we will teach you. We read and write in English but not in many other languages. There is really no real significance to our culture were just a country under the sea. Oh and we can do this to.  

My second topic that I will be talking about is what we eat.  Since we live under the water we eat lot of seaweed, and drink kelp.  Even through we are under the sea we don't like to eat bait. Instead we like to go the cities favorite restaurant called the Krusty Krab.  They have a wide variety of meals to chose from like kelp fries, coral bites, combo deluxe, and the world famous Krabby Patty.The Krusty Krab is owned by Eugene Krabs and the cash register is Squidward and the cook is Spongebob.

My Third topic I will be talking about is Creative expression. We go out Jellyfish fields and try to catch jellyfish. There are two residence named Sponge Bob and Patrick are there every day.  We are also at the Goo Lagon, and Kelp Forest but be aware any man or women that dares to enter may not survive.  There is no real affect on our livelihood we just enjoy to having fun.

Now my fourth and final topic is Education. We educate our residence with a Bikini Bottom Elementary school a Middle school and a Boating school with 2 colleges.  Our system is if you don't pass you don't get to move on and if you fail you get kicked out we are very harsh on our students.  Anyone is allowed but its same rules apply to everyone.  You go to age of 25 years old. There is no cost for schooling besides in college which is $300 a semester.

That is my country/culture hope you can come.

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