The Story OfMy Life

By: Christopher Dressler

I was born on November 25th 1998 at 3:15 pm. On this day I was first introduced into life. Everybody was there my aunt, my uncle, my mom, everybody.

My name is Christopher Dressler and I am 16 years old and I'm a junior in high school. I go to San Andreas High School and I'm going to be going back to my home school of San Gorgonio and I have 1 brother and he is living with his girlfriend. I live in Highland, California.

Me and my girlfriend want to move to Tennessee and we want to live in Memphis. I want to live somewhere else then California so we decided on Tennessee. She's always wanted to live there so I said I'm going to and she got so happy.

I want to be a famous rapper. I grew up listening to Eminem and he inspired me and became my role model to inspire others the way he inspired me. Eminem has been a big inspiration of my life and I want to do that to others and inspire them to do better.

I want to be happily married with two kids. I want to have a dog but I'm not completely sure about it. I want to have a happy, fun, exciting, weird, and adventurous family that enjoys doing new things.

My hobby is playing basketball. I put a video of Dwayne Wade because he is my favorite basketball player of all time and I look up to him. I have had a dream of being in the NBA but it's more of a hobby. Basketball is one of my favorite things to do and it's fun.

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