App Options for K-12 Learning

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Woices is a cheap app for iOS or Android that allows you to create and utilize an audio based tour. This would be fantastic for field trips for kids. You could allow them to go on their own way because you can set up specific checkpoints on map that when a student gets to that area, it would trigger the lesson for that area.


Chatterpix is an app for young students on apple that allows kids to take pictures of anything and make them talk. They can record their own voice and a computer generated mouth syncs to the sounds of your voice. Kids could use this app to stimulate their creativity and come up with their own stories to share with their friends and family, inside and outside the classroom.


Bitstrips is a teaching tool that allows teachers t create a visual to allow students to see problems. This could be useful with solving word problems in Math. Plus the images that are created are fun comic strips!

Ping pong story

Ping Pong Story allows teachers and students to learn in fun ways. Ping Pong story lets teachers design a story that students follow along with. Something that could be fun would be if the teacher integrated the Story into their classroom. Achieving certain goals for kids would allow them access to different parts of the story.


Drawp is an interactive tool that allows students to complete fun easy assignments online. With Drawp, teachers are able to easily view all of the students submitted assignments at once, or take detailed looks at assignments individually. Teachers can easily create class specific assignments that stimulate the students creativity with the Drawp templates

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