The ultimate testament to how violent youth have made an impact on today's society

By: Christian Torchia

"You had a hundred billion chances and ways to have avoided today, but you decided to spill my blood. You forced me into a corner and gave me only one option. The decision was yours. Now you have blood on your hands that will never wash off."- Cho Seung-Hui,"Virginia Tech Shooter"

Violent youth, the one thing parents hope their children never become. For parents of these unfortunate few children, parents see a bright future. A future of finding cures for cancer, winning nobel prizes and advancing the intellectual cause. But in the minds of these children, is a hell. A hell which plays on repeat for all eternity.

Society has always been based on the ideas of Darwin. Social Darwinism is one of the most rampant of them all. Even without any prior knowledge of this ideology, society shapes itself around the idea that only the strongest survive and it has always been this way since the founding of the first civilizations. But now with advances in technology and modernization of the world, our world has changed into a world full of self appearance and egos, nowhere in this mess of chemical genes are there any spots for grace and pity.

The mind of an intellectual child is regarded as a prodigee, the physique of an athletic child, the dominant male in the herd. But for the minds of those who are gifted with the curse of being mentally unsound, they are ostracized and kept in the shadows as freaks.

These “freaks” are the same people who are put down and bullied for having to may twitches or being too radical in their ideas. Their minds are a playing ground for both bullies and their inner demons to tug and contort their strings of reasoning, to the point where death and legacy are more preferable then the option to find help or find peace within their wretched souls. While many of these unfortunate souls exist, only a few go on to martyr themselves for a cause that none of us will ever truly understand. The only outlet they have to vent their unholy anger is upon those who hath struck them. Revering in the ancient biblical quote, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”.

So are these violent youth to blame for the extreme actions they take in a world that continues to move over them, even when all hope for them has been lost? I say no. The issue with violent youth becoming extreme and lashing out isn’t the youth themselves, but the factors which contribute to this insanity which is their mind. Social constructs, cliques, social media, video games, heavy music, desensitization to violence, violent movies, bullying, black sheep, all major factors in the process of turning an innocent child into a killing machine with no remorse. While the measures that need to be taken to truly prevent horrible things like Newtown and Columbine from ever happening again will never truly be meet. We, as a community, a country, as the human race itself, must begin to lay the foundation to identifying and treating the war-torn minds of these unfortunate few youth. We must begin to medicate these youth or suffer the consequences of our own undoing.

A perfect example for issues that happen within our schools, is the book ‘Unidentified’. This book captures what our future might hold as advances in technology continue to progress and social cliques become evermore scrutinizing. In this book, social standings and egos are the talk of the day, only the popular survive, while those who are leftover scramble to find some strand of hope for their ever darkening future.

The two most notable figures in the violent youth community are Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. These two youth were the minds behind the most infamous school shooting in America, April 20th, 1999, The Columbine School Shooting.

On April 20th, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold would make history. The operation began with two time rigged propane bombs placed in the cafeteria. At 11:17 the bombs would go off and cause the maximum amount of collateral damage on the students of CHS. When the time passed and no explosion was heard, Eric and Dylan shed their iconic black trench coats and entered the school. Their first victim was Rachel Scott. The scene inside the school was absolute chaos, explosions and gunshots rang out through the halls as hundreds of students crowd the halls attempting to escape the gunmen's barrage of death. The gunmen split up and proceeded to find and shoot survivors in the halls. After twenty minutes they entered the library and began  their most awaited moment. Several students were shot and killed. The pair then went back to the cafeteria and began to shoot at the bombs in a suicidal mindset. After failing to detonate the bombs the pair returned to the library, after exchanging gunfire with police, the two best friends committed suicide, the shots rang out on the 911 call and froze time eternally. Within a short hour, the rampage was over. Left in it's wake was the deadliest school shooting in all of American history.

After the shooting has died down, there is one question on everyone's minds. Why?

Will this question ever be answered? Or will it and the violent youth of today, be brushed away and kept into the shadows?

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