All i wanted was

a home to live in

a family to care for

my dog to live

a best friend

to have a voice

but i didn't want

my best friend to die

a crappy life

to be alone

to be useless

to never be heard

Candy has characteristics about him. He is desperate, frustrated, and lonely. He is desperate because he has no life.He is frustrated because he has no friends. He is lonely also because he also just doesn't have friends.

Candy treats Lennie with respect because they are planning to buy a home.

Candy also treats George with respect because they are planning to buy a house.

Candy treats Slim with great respect because he is not a guy to mess with.

Candy is a man that is respectful and sticks to his word.

Candys part in theme in this book would be to add contrast. He stands out from other people because he respects people and the other people dont respect people. He changes the theme in a good way.

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