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By- Jesrael khan

Anne Frank My Research And Why I Had Pick Anne Frank

          Anne frank is a Jewish girl who had went through the Holocaust. I had choose this person because she is a very brave person. She went through alt of things that a normal girl should not go through. Anne frank was born on June 12 1929 and died March 1945. Anne Frank had one other sister name Margot Frank. Her parents name was Otto Frank and Edith Frank.

          Anne Frank is a very brave person that had should of never gone through that. But after her death she left a diary called the Anne Frank diary which is a famous book sold all around the world. I just wanted to appreciate what she did and what she went through by picking her to be the person i wanted to do my research on. I think that everyone should learn about Anne Frank and what she did. Overall that is why i pick Anne Frank.


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