Mobile Apps / Mobile Learning

The next phase in Education?

As much as I don't like Mac's I need to get on board and learn more about them. For this page I will focus on some apple apps that can be used for k-12 learning. I am aiming for social studies and math so I will mix a few apps.

The Apps


Evernote is a great place to collaborate and share work. I like it because it is free and it would allow for work with group projects but also to track work by yourself. Handy to have apps like this to stay connected as well as organized. Maybe that is why I like it so much is because I need those things.

Quick graph

Quick graph is a scientific graphing app, which is handy for middle school and highschool. Some of the downfalls are that some of things that are "needed" cost money for upgrades but for a quick solution of a graphing calculator it is hard to go wrong with this app.

Timeline maker

No social studies class is complete without a timeline. A straight forward app, but something that allows students to create, manipulate and share with ease. For some students this wouldn't be sufficient but for the average student it should suffice!


The image pretty much shows why it is a great app for students. It connects operating systems and I myself have had issues with the Icloud, even though it is getting better, it still rattles my cage. Dropbox is useful and easy to access everywhere and between different systems which is a huge plus in my books.

After a picture like that I don't even need a title, this app already pays for itself!! However perk is it is free and it connects with your evernote account. It is great for taking notes and treating it like a pen and paper which is a throw back to the old school with the new school, this is a win in my books.

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