Still Image 7

This shot uses a slightly high-angled shot as it tilts down towards the characters; this mid shot shows the two lovers in the disequilibrium going towards the resolution. The stance they take through their body language is very typical of a love-themed narrative as he stands before her, guarding and protecting her slightly as she stands behind trying to support him in the fight.

The use of the low-key lighting and headlight effect on their faces creates the impression that this scene is taking place at night and that when they tried to run away they were caught. The use of the cars is conventional for pop genre music videos and so the use of them here is fairly typical, but also they work very well with the narrative.

The dark costumes and the dark colour of the car connote the idea of darkness and thus night time, which is when they are running away. The use of the darkness also signifies secret keeping as others are left "in the dark". The use of the blurred setting helps to maintain focus entirely on the action - this is conventional for pop genre music videos. Also, it's clear that the setting is fairly dark and so this adds to the idea that it is night time and helps isolate the conflict because of this as there isn't likely to be many people around at night - making the video more realistic.

Although there is very little focus on their faces - which is unconventional for pop music videos as more typically there is massive focus on the artist throughout - the audience can see Justin Bieber's facial expression fairly clearly: the audience can see that he is focused, frustrated and almost sad as he purses his lips and looking like he has just got up from being hit. The use of this facial expression helps to convey the narrative and represent him as the ideal man for his target audience of teenage girls as he appears to be fighting "for his girl".