Mahindra’s Steady Rise in Agricultural Equipment Sector

Mahindra Group is the largest industrial conglomerate in India. With revenues of about USD $6.3 billion, it has a workforce of over 75000 people. Since early 1960s, Mahindra & Mahindra’s (M&M’s) core automotive and agricultural equipment divisions have steadily grown on to be the market leaders, with annual sales of over 200,000 tractors and above 2.1 million tractors sold till date. Mahindra’s high-quality agriculture equipment is a reason for the emergence of verdant farmyards in over forty countries and six farmyards.

By the way of Mahindra’s unswerving vision of Farm-Tech Prosperity, it has ventured into farm-support services, including agri-mechanization solutions under Mahindra AppliTrac; seeds, crop protection, and market linkages, distribution, agri-support information, and counseling through the ‘Samriddhi Initiative’. Mahindra Samriddhi offers a wide range of agri-related services.

Mahindra Applitrac initiative offers end-to-end farming solutions to increase mechanization level. In addition, Mahindra Shubhlabh Services Limited exports seeds, vegetables, and fresh fruits.

Mahindra harbours benevolent dreams of easing the hard labour involved in farming, and thereby increase rural yields, income and living standards.
After much deliberation and working in close quarters with farmers about efficient farming practices, Mahindra has designed tractors in the range of 15–85 bhp, from low-cost tractors for marginal landholders to high-performance ones with quality features. The variants of tractors include Bhoomiputra, Shaan, Sarpanch, and Arjun Ultra-1. Aside from tractors, Mahindra also produces self-propelled harvesting combines and tractor attachments. In addition, Mahindra offers agricultural solutions by the way of water management and crop solutions.

Thus, this extensive experience in designing and manufacturing farming and agriculture equipment has enabled Mahindra to be on the pedestal in this sector, with over 40% market share. Furthermore, Mahindra is the first tractor company globally to win the Deming Application Prize in 2003, as well as the first one to win Japan Quality Medal in 2007.

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