Trey Gabel

I picked the picture above because I like and play football. DEsean Jackson (#10) had to be one of the greatest players to play for the eagles till he got drafted to the redskins and that's why I picked him as my main picture.

3 interesting things

1. FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!

I play Football for Girard. My position is (T) or Tackle, its a hard position for you make one mistake and the play is wreaked. You always have to find your gaps and the ball, without the line there would be no winning. The hardest part of football had to be the camp, my philosophy for anyone in football is "YOU SURVIVE CAMP YOU CAN SURVIVE ANYTHING!"

2. Computers

In my free-time I play my computer which is usually on the weekends. On the computer I manage a LAN server and am a Admin (administrator) for 2-3 servers and a moderator for 1 server. I like feeling important and helping the servers grow. I guess you get a good feeling when you see your server go from 2 people to 30+ players. Its mostly fun and a enjoyable experience the only thing that gives you a headache is.... well alot of things now that i think about it...

And managing a LAN server isn't as bad as managing a online one cause in a LAN you only have a handful of people to put in the system and time-stamp(keeping records of when they get on and leave). There isn't much thing you have to type in the console except when someone has a problem then you type in 3-4 things and there good.

And lastly you maybe thinking "this guy seems like a nerd yet he plays football!!?!" well I guess i prove that there are no nerds and jocks just STUDENTS and KIDS, but hey I might be wrong.

3. Music

My Favorite music is from the 50's to the 60's. Yes whats a guy living in the 21st century doing music that his grandma and grandpa were listening to when they were "whippersnappers??" Well simple story really was just browsing YouTube for music and I came across one of the greatest singers of all time Louis Armstrong. The first song I came across was his song "Jeepers Creepers" which was i thought "WOW that was amazing why don't they play this music instead of that junk on Star104? And well apparently our generation doesn't like old person music but hey I like it! After listening to that i searched for more I was "possessed" and wanting more I came across Jonny River and the glorious Bobby Darin! Yes that's right BOBBY DARIN!! The best singer of all time! So yeah that's it now going to listen to Bobby so PEACE!!


Well my goals...hmm.. well i guess these are the top 3-

*(1)Is pass the Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) and become a military officer.

*(2) After my tours apply in the FBI or the CIA and retire are retirement age.

*(3) And lastly pass high school with flying colors!

Place To Visit  

I would like to visit England cause I have a friend over there that's parents own a parachute company and I would like to visit Ireland cause that is where my family is from and I would like to find our families history over there.

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