Beatdown in the Bunkhouse

By: Melissa Rivera

After the embarrassment of falling off his horse in front of everyone, including his wife, Curley grabs Crooks by the collar and leads him into the bunkhouse. He then tosses him onto the table, knocking down the chairs and playing cards.

 "Why the hell would you embarrass me like that crooks? Do you value your job ?" Curley snapped.

 "I- I'm sorry sir, I ain't know you was gonna nearly kill yourself out there. I prepared the horse like you asked-..."

 Curley cut him short "I don't quite give a damn how you did it. Fact of the matter is you gonna take the rap for this!"

 The faces of the peers through each surrounding window of the bunkhouse appeared to be apprehensive, as if they knew what was about to happen to Crooks. Suddenly their eyes widened at the sight of crooks actually defending himself by pushing Curley onto one of the bunks.

 "Get the hell off of me you old handicapped nigger!" shouted Curley but it looked like Crooks just wouldn't stop.

 "I'm tired of this! I'm tired of the remarks. I'm tired of being treated less than garbage. I worked my whole life to be told I'm in hot water because of your mistake. No sir, I'm doin' what needs to be done. I believe its my turn to start living off the fatta the lan' , and moving on from this ameture business!" Crooks exclaimed suddenly with a terrifying bass in his voice. He then began beating him with one of the surrounding chairs that were used at the table.

Curley let out an excruciating, girlish, screech that cracked a few windows. He scuffled to get up back on his feet and started for the door. Crooks was already standing in front of it and quickly moved out of the way with the door wide open. He gestured to Curley to zip his lips, and gave him a sly wink.

  "Wait till my father, the boss of this joint hears about this. You black folk shouldn't be given these oppurtunities. worthless garbage!"

  Crooks then replied " I may be black, but that doesn't define my character. Obviously those big muscles there don't define your strength either my boy. "

   In realization that he was finally beaten buy someone he thought was inferior, he walked away. Tears streaming down his face, he felt like he lost something that couldn't be replaced. His dignity.

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